Tuesday, July 26, 2022

How to personalise your garden office

Even if you're not hugely interested in interior decoration or architecture, you'll almost certainly still want to make your garden office as personally comfortable as possible according to your own particular wants. eDEN Garden Rooms has a good article about some things to think about when planning just this. It looks at dimensions/layout, glazing, external finish, air conditioning, and more. Here's a snippet about partition walls/extra rooms:

You may have a garden room in mind for a very specific use, such as for work, or it may be intended as more of a multi-functional space. Many customers also have storage in mind, particularly when a garden room is replacing an old shed, so an integrated shed store is a hugely popular feature to create an aesthetically-pleasing storage solution, with just a keyhole in the cedar cladding giving away its hidden location.


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