Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Garden office air conditioning

It's heating rather than air conditioning that tends to generate the most queries when it comes to garden offices, but anybody who's been working in one over the last couple of days will be wondering if it's an addition to consider.

Here, below, is a video from Alex Booth from Booth's Garden Studios on exactly this subject.

"If you can afford an air conditioner for your garden office they really are a treat," says Ian Wetherell from Booths. "You are cool in the summer, and perfectly warm in the winter. In this video Alex shows how well they work when the temperature outside is 37 degrees. Although expensive initially, they use about a quarter of the electricity of a normal electric heater when running. It's recommended that you set a temperature so that once that temperature is reached, the AC will just "tick over" to maintain that perfect temperature. That's how they use less power."

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