Thursday, June 09, 2022

How working from home is dominating the work revolution in London

A new study from Kings College London indicates that nearly three quarters of people working in London overwhelmingly believe traditional working patterns will not return post-pandemic, mainly because of the cost and length of commuting. The full report via the link above is worth reading but here are some highlights:

  • Eight in 10 London workers who work from home at least one day a week say it has had a positive impact for them
  • Avoiding commuting is seen as the top benefit (80%), followed by the ability to manage home/social responsibilities (66%) with women more likely than men to cite this as a factor.
  • Nearly two thirds of London workers say they are now hybrid working, working from home at least one day a week and from their workplace fewer than five days a week.
  • Of those in work at the time, a third said they worked from home at least one day a week on average before the pandemic, but roughly double this proportion did so in the past four weeks.

Also importantly, two thirds of those questioned disagree that people who work from home don't work as hard as those who commute to a workplace (compared with 16% who agree with this view).

Dr Amanda Jones, lecturer in organisational behaviour and human resource management at King’s Business School which undertook the research, said: 

“The pandemic has created a palpable shift in perceptions about the acceptability of remote working. Everyone has seen it work, even for younger and newer employees, some of whom started jobs during the lockdowns. Many more people now have experience of working remotely, organisations and individuals have invested heavily in equipment and training, and those forced to work remotely during the lockdowns have developed remote working strategies. Consequently, many more people not only have the capacity to work remotely but consider it to be a normal, rather than exceptional and potentially stigmatising, practice.”

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