Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Douglas garden office wins Irish architecture prize

A very worthy win for Simply Architecture from Douglas, Cork, in the Irish Architecture Awards run by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI). Their garden office design won the Workplace and Fit-Out award which according to the RIAI "tackled head-on the challenge of working from home doing so in a restrained and appealing way. The design blends workplace and home in a seamless manner."

Here's what the architects say about the garden studio:

This project was born out of a need for flexibile working practices and offer an inspiring place to carry out design work. The site sits on the edge of a natural woodland at an existing family home. The design proposed a blank fa├žade that addresses the existing house, offering a sense of enclosure to the new space but also ensuring the existing family home is not overlooked. Views of trees are then punctuated in the other walls of the studio. A simple charred wood cladding of varying board widths allows the building to sit unnoticed at the end of the garden and blends into the background dominated by trees.

Narrow boards are left out in the middle portion to show a snippet of the activity within the studio and also generates a play on light within the space as the sun moves throughout the day.

Photos: Celeste Burdon 


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