Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Small garden office


There's a tendency to go large when buying a garden office. That's not always a bad thing, but sometimes there's simply no alternative to going small and as far as the Shedworking staff are concerned, small is good. Here's a nice example of a compact garden office from Cabinmaster for Dominic, a university lecturer who had previously been working from a desk in his house. 

“I did consider an extension, then a friend who is having a cabin built suggested I looked into having a cabin. The time scale for the build, being only a day and a half, coupled with the fact you can have the electricity and wifi connected to it in that same time frame were also very attractive, alongside the other factors like cost," said Dominic. "

It’s more than good, it’s great. I didn’t want it to have a lot of glass in it or window space as I am using it for an office so it needs to be less open, I liked the fact I could choose the doors, windows, etc, and their size and location on the building rather than having to choose from a set design. It’s taken work out of the home. With the internet being in the cabin it’s just so easy to organise all my work in there, then when I leave I can step straight back into the house and leave work behind!”


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