Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sjón: shedworker

One of the very few Icelandic writers most people can name (apart from those people living in Iceland), Sjón is also a shedworker (pictured above, shedworking). Icelandic Novelist Sjón's Secret Weapon is an interesting piece of radio from the BBC in which he talks about his favourite secondhand bookshop, work in progress, and his former fishman's housewriting hut which is plated with black corrugated steel on Iceland's south coast where the magic happens. Here's what the BBC says about it:

How this Icelandic writer’s couch gives him the inspirational space he needs to work. As a novelist who likes to write as little and seldom as possible, Sjón uses his sofa as a way of establishing his writing zone. Being his bed for naps and his writing chair while working, it allows him to get back to the moment when he felt he had a story to tell 

It's only a half hour segment but you can listen to a much shorter clipt about the couch and his naps.

Apparently, the hut lost its chimney a few years ago during an earthquake. 


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