Thursday, February 10, 2022

Garden offices in France

The venerable Uncle Wilco pointed out to me the other day that the regulations for building garden offices - the 'taxe d’aménagement' -  in France are about to change. There's a good piece in Complete France magazine about what they call the 'garden shed tax' which is a must-read if this applies to you. Here's a snippet:

The taxe d’aménagement (development tax) applies to home development projects that are subject to planning permission eg. construction of new sheds or extensions such as conservatories. The ‘valeur forfaitaire’, (standard value) per m², used to calculate tax for these new constructions is reviewed each year in relation to changes in the construction cost index. For 2022, the standard values have been set at €820/m2 outside Île-de-France (compared to €767/m² in 2021) and €929/m² in Île-de-France (compared to €870/m² in 2021). 

Image courtesy French architects JCPCDR


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