Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Garden office advice for employers

In the recent rush to shedworking over the last two years, it can be easy to overlook that while it's a new way of working for employees, it's also a new way of working for employers. There's a useful general article at AV Magazine looking at some of the issues involved including risk assessments, remote conferencing, and network security. Here's a snippet:

To feel professional, homeworkers also need to feel separate from family and the home environment. “This will be unique to every worker but it’s absolutely vital,” says Gunnar Kyvik, business segment lead for meeting and conferencing at Sharp NEC Display Solutions. “A dedicated room or garden office might be viable, or smart furniture in a bedroom or living room, or even rental of a local office hub. Ergonomics is also important – a supportive chair, height-adjustable monitor, appropriate desking, and so on. Perching on the bed with a laptop on the dressing table is not appropriate.”

Image courtesy Warwick Buildings


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