Friday, February 11, 2022

Steel frame garden offices

Timber remains the most common garden office frame but there are alternatives. Burton-on-Trent-based OffPOD is among the few suppliers who specialise in steel frame garden rooms which they say are built to feel like a 'disconnected extension' of the home. They say their goal is not only to "offer an improved product with a high level of customer service" but also "bring change to the industry by utilising emerging modern building methods which bring about the same outcome but a hell of a lot faster." There's a good 'Why steel is better than wood' section on the OffPOD site (in essence, they argue it doesn't rot, is more recyclable, is less messy during the build, and is actually cheaper). Other steel frame-based suppliers include Booths Garden StudiosNumber 17, Permaroof, Hanson, and Kew Green.


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