Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Garden office interior design tips

Some interesting tips and suggestions from StyleNest about the importance of getting your interior design scheme in your garden office right to help productivity and comfort. Well worth a quick browse and here's a snippet on 'accent walls and colour':

Forget following the traditional office colour: that plain cream wall colour that reminds you of an actual office vibe. Remember, you are at home, and it is your home office; as such, the wall design and colour can be what you want and love. It does not matter if you love bright colours like orange or yellow: or prefer calming shades like seafoam blue or botanical green; go for wall design and colour you love and make you feel comfortable. However, before jumping directly on to it, it is wise to experiment with how specific colours can affect your mood. The goal here is to find the perfect shade that will help you boost creativity, focus, and stimulate the spirit of working hard.

Image courtesy Cabinmaster


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