Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Garden office work couch

Maine-based children's author Julie Falatko has recently become a shedworker and like many other new garden office owners has been pondering exactly how to furnish her new space. She outlines her thoughts about a work couch here (and has posted more photos of the interior at her instagram page here). It's an interesting post that looks at the important of work rituals in being productive and is well worth a look. Here's a snippet:

"The biggest surprise is how much work I'm getting done on the couch/daybed/storage bench. It's super comfy, and a perfect place to read things over and write longhand... it's nice to have an analog spot to work, away from the distracting glow of my computer screen. But I stumbled into something else important, which is that, in my mind, I had designated the work couch as a place I would get work done, just like I had designated (and put pressure on) the shed as a productive work space. And then -- and this is important -- I happened to have some work I needed to do. I had a picture book I had to revise and get back to my editor. So the very first thing I did on that couch was focused and productive."


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