Friday, September 10, 2021

Watercolours of writers' huts

Brighton-based illustrator and designer Melanie Smith has put together a lovely series of watercolour duotone illustrations of writers' and philosphers' huts. Here's what she says about them: 

"The idea came after some time spent in lockdown, and thinking about how creatives have self isolated over time, often within nature, to spend time contemplating life and their own lives. Many times writing down their thoughts and observations, so that they might share them with us, so we might all have a sense of what it can be like to be alone with our thoughts, and expansive in our thinking."

Above of course is George Bernard Shaw's writing hut, and the rest of the series include's Thoreau's hut at Walden Pond, Heidegger's in Germany, Dylan Thomas's in Wales, Virginia Woolf's at Monk House, and Wittgenstein's.


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