Saturday, May 08, 2021

Lloyd & Son summerhouses: information wanted

Here's a challenge - what do you know about the pre-war Bournemouth-based building firm of Lloyd & Son?

It's a query that comes from Shedworking reader Jayne who is researching the origins of an old - possibly 1900s - revolving summerhouse with the above makers plaque inside as 'Lloyd & Son, 291 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth'. It's in her garden, minus the original roof and with some work required to one wall, and she's trying to find out more about it and them.

Her research so far has uncovered that:
  • Lloyd & Son advertised in the Bournemouth Graphic on 4 June 1908 as summerhouse and rustic builders, working from 280 & 338 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth.
  • Lloyd & Son were listed in the 1914 edition of the annual 'Whitaker's Red Book of Commerce - Who's who in Business' as horticultural and rustic builders established in 1903, specialising in the design and construction of consumptive and revolving shelters. At this point, their address was listed as 291Holdenhurst Road.
  • A genealogical search reveals that Lloyd & Son consisted of John Lloyd (born in Wales in 1855) and his son, Edward Benjamin Lloyd (born 1885) and that they moved to the Bournemouth area in around 1900. By the 1911 census, John had 11 children living with his wife and himself and had previously been a coach builder and an undertaker.
After 1914, the trail appears to go cold.
If you have any information about Lloyd & Son, please leave a comment below or email Shedworking and  we'll pass it on to Jayne.


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