Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Nooka garden office launches

Launching a new approach to working away from traditional offices during a time of a garden office revolution seems like a smart idea, not surprising when that idea comes from co-founder and CEO Leanne Beesley, the force behind the innovative Coworker.com.
So here is the newly-launched Nooka which claims to be the world’s first network of wifi-connected, fully equipped, ergonomic garden offices. Each one comes with full workstation setup including a Steelcase electric height-adjustable desk and ergonomic chair, whiteboard, and smart heating/cooling system. There are various sizes 6m/5m/4m/3m x 3m x 3m, all with window walls, glass door (bi-fold for larger models), and attractive roof overhang, but its modular system makes things quite flexible. It comes in three colours, yellow, orange and pale blue.
There are certainly some interesting aspects of Nooka. For a start, instead of paying for your garden office all in one lump sum, they offer a lower installation fee followed by a monthly subscription. Also, you can join the Nooka network and rent yours out to people locally (by day or hour) using its app, think Airbnb for garden offices. Alternatively, you can rent other Nookas yourself.
Nooka is a European company and currently all orders have been within Europe as they are not shipping to the US yet. It is producing its first orders at its manufacturing facility in Romania, with deliveries starting in March this year. The aim is to have approximately 50 "out in the wild" by April available to rent, including some in the UK (COVID-related restrictions permitting).




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