Thursday, January 07, 2021

Mobile Office Support Hub​

An  interesting concept here from Jack Carter Architects, what they call a "mobile office support hub", a kind of halfway house between a garden office and a traditional office which aims to help the health and wellbeing of people working from home. Here's what they say about it:​​

During the pandemic, the focus has been on technology, making remote working secure but if this is to become a long-term option, we feel more needs to be done on supporting staff outside the office. The Office Support Hub is based on new proprietary electric vehicle technology which is being rolled out across the logistics sector. JCA propose designing bespoke mobile office support vehicles, for medium to large organisations across the country.

The whole thing is an electric vehicle, with a metal chassis (what JCA call "a skateboard-style bed") and a timber frame. There's a modular feel to the interior which can easily be reconfigured where necessary. It features all the normal must-haves and features of a garden office with space for two people to work plus ergonomic working arrangements, as well as a break out space, audio-visual room, workshop space. The idea is that each van has a 500km range and can drive out a local area providing services for local employees who can book its services via a mobile app. At the end of the day, it returns to the main head office to recharge.


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