Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Scottish Men's Sheds offer crisis grants

As part of the Scottish Government's package of funding to combat isolation and loneliness, the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association (SMSA) has been awarded 30,000 to support Men’s Sheds in Scotland. The money will assist sheds that are suffering financial problems with running costs such as rent and heating, and which face shutting because of the pandemic. 

“SMSA is delighted to have secured this crisis grant funding for Scottish Men’s Sheds through the Scottish Government," said Jason Schroeder, SMSA’s Executive Officer. "Covid-19 forced our Sheds to close temporarily, calling a halt to much of their fundraising activities and this is impacting heavily on their income generation.  This fund will support new and existing Sheds, large and small, to cover core running costs to offset this lost income.  We will aim to help those Sheds in crisis to give them the peace of mind to ensure they are still here in the future when Sheds will be needed most.

“A huge area of concern is how this pandemic has impacted on people’s health and wellbeing and we need to ensure the survival of our Sheds for when men can attend them again, hopefully in the spring time. This funding has the potential to do so much good.  We will strive to stretch it as far and wide as we can to prevent any closures.”

The SMSA will start to release funds to successful applicants later this month.


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