Monday, January 25, 2021

New garden offices for Cate Blanchett and Rosamund Pike

It seems that everybody is getting in on the shedworking trend in lockdown. Latest to the garden office game is actor Cate Blanchett who has recently got planning permission to build her shedlike atmosphere on the grounds of her estate in East Sussex. It will include a meditation room and studio, as well as a small gallery to hang her art collection, because as her planning agent is quoted as saying: “They are creative people and it is beneficial for them to have a place to work that is tranquil and inspires through the beauty of the art, architecture and landscape setting.” 

An interesting point to note is that to build the new office suite - pictured above - she needs to knock down a derelict cottage and shed but that these are home to a bat colony so she must take steps to house them (in bat boxes or via a special bat loft) to fulfil the terms of the permission.

Also currently undergoing the planning process is fellow actor Rosamund Pike who wants to build a garden office with "retractable letterbox window" (not quite sure what that actually is) in the back garden of her home in London. According to the application, she requires "more amenable, useable and flexible space in and around the private, though overshadowed, rear garden". 


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