Sunday, September 06, 2020

What to consider when buying a shepherd's hut


Richard Lee, our go-to person for all things shepherd's hut who runs Plankbridge, has put together an exellent post on his blog about six things to think about when it comes to investing in a shepherd's hut (actually it's more than 6 as his final point is a bit of a list). It's essential reading if you're thinking of making a shepherd's hut your garden office. Here's a snippet:

In the olden days a shepherd’s hut would be pulled out onto downlands and positioned with its back to the wind. That way the shepherd could have his door slightly ajar, even on a wet and windy night, and keep an ear out for the safety of his sheep. This is common sense and I would encourage you to position the door, if at all possible, on the leeward side. That way you can open and close the door without the weather blowing in... If you want to make the most of the views on the windward side, then think of a double window there, rather than double doors.

Well worth reading (and then poring over the lovely gallery of Plankbridge builds on the site).


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