Thursday, September 03, 2020

The rise of the architect-designed garden room

It's not just off the peg garden offices that are selling like hot cakes, as Edwin Heathcote in the Financial Times reports ('Why architect-designed garden rooms are the latest must-have feature'), mentioning Virginia Woolf's writer's shed at Monk's Cross: "Her simple, well-lit, modest room of her own might be a model for shedworking." He goes on to list various garden office designs, all of which will be familiar to regular readers of Shedworking, including Parsonson Architects’ garden studio for a couple in Wellington, New Zealand, pictured above (and featured on this site here). "Most of us are unable to escape to an outhouse in our own woods," writes Heatchote, "but, as these occasionally modest — and occasionally extravagant — structures show, even a scrubby patch of garden can become a space to work." 


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