Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wi-fi in the garden office

Certainly in the top 5 of regular queries to Shedworking from readers is the issue of getting wi-fi working efficiently in the garden office. Here's another suggestion, this time from Pocket-lint about the way to go, Google's Nest Wifi mesh system. It's well worth reading the whole article via the link above, but here's a snippet:
Without Nest Wifi, the Wi-Fi signal in our garden office (15 metres from the house and around 25-metres from our main router) was non-existent. When we set up Nest Wifi and put the Nest Wifi point in the utility room at the back of the house (two rooms away from the Nest Wifi router) however, we got full signal in the office. The speed test was a few Mbps slower in the office (67Mbps) than when the Nest Wifi point was upstairs on the landing (73Mbps) but this difference wasn't noticeable in use.
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