Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Charles Schulz: shedworker

Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts cartoons, was a very happy shedworker. His Californian art studio in Sonoma County, rural Sebastopol (pictured above) was where he documented the lives of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, et al, working from around 8.30am in the morning after driving his children to school, until about 4pm every day. He stayed there for lunch, usually a ham sandwich and a glass of milk, surrounded by the peaceful woods of the 28-acre propertly. You can see more interior shots at Press Democrat. The spacious studio has been largely left untouched but the owners have added a bed and rent it out to guests.

A recreation of his studio is on permanent display at the Charles Schultz Museum in the state's Santa Rosa. Among items on display are the drawing board he used to work on, his desk and shelves stacked with his own books, gifts, photos, and memorabilia.
In 1966, the original art studio was gutted in a fire. Schulz made use of the event in a story about Snoopy's doghouse also being destroyed by flames that year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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