Thursday, November 28, 2019

Keeping your garden office warm

Though decent insulation should keep most garden offices at a decent temperature inside in colder months, sometimes people do want a boost. Here's one possibility from MeacoHeat Motion Heaters - they have a motion detection sensor which means the unit is only activated once a person walks into the garden office, which in turn makes it a more economical way to heat a space. When people leave the room, the heater switches off.

The heaters use safe PTC ceramic technology which provides a fast start-up time. A thermal cut out and tilt safety switch ensures that if they are accidentally knocked over, they switch off. The smaller model, 1.8kW has two outputs levels to save energy, a 1-7 hour off timer and a fan only mode for summer use, should you really want that. The larger 2.0Kw adds what the makers describe as "oscillation to distribute the heat evenly through a 70° arc". A three-level thermostat replaces the off timer to provide another level of control. There are two models, available in either red, black or white. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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