Friday, November 22, 2019

What eco-friendly materials will be used to build the garden office of the future?

It's always hard to predict the next developments in the garden office industry but here's an interesting report from Sell House Fast who spoke to nearly 600 architects, engineers and construction professionals to ask them which eco-friendly building materials they expected the property industry in general to use more of in 2020

Around three quarters plumped for bamboo, just over a third went for straw bales and more than a third chose cork, a particularly interesting choice as we're already seeing more cork used in garden office builds such as the compostable garden office we recently featured on Shedworking and the cork garden office pictured above which recently made the finals of the Shed of the Year competition in the eco category.

The attractions of these materials are many: bamboo is light and has tensile strength, a good replacement for imported building materials; straw bales have naturally high insulating qualities; and cork does not absorb water or rot and is naturally fire resistant (it is also ideal for flooring and insulation due to its noise as well as shock-absorbing attributes). -------------------------------------------------------
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