Sunday, November 17, 2019

Traditional offices could be obsolete by 2030, says new report

An interesting report from integrated web applications specialists Zapier in the US suggests that the writing is on the wall for 'traditional' offices. In their latest study, around three-quarters of knowledge workers said they would be keen to leave a job which didn't permit working from home and jump to on that did, more than 40% said working from home was more productive than being in a 'normal' office (just under a third), and two-thirds of those questioned believe that the current idea of an 'office' will becom obsolete by 2030 for most roles.

They were also asked why they wanted to work from home and here are the top reasons:
  1. Save money — 48%
  2. Work from anywhere — 47%
  3. Spend more time with their family — 44%
  4. More productive at home — 35%
  5. Better for their mental health. — 29%
  6. It’s more environmentally sustainable — 23%
  7. Spend more time with pets — 18%
  8. Relocate somewhere more affordable – 16%
  9. Make it easier when they start a family - 16%
  10. Care for aging parents – 16%


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