Friday, November 16, 2018

A short history of garageworking

Garageworking is the twin sibling of Shedworking - as readers know, many great ideas came from garageworkers such as Walt Disney and companies such as technology giant HP first set up shop in a garage. A nice little article on the always excellent Atlas Obscura Why There’s No Place Quite Like the American Garage, looks at the garage phenomenon and points out for example that garages are "a perfect stage for rebellion", going on to list:
"...the one where Jeff Ho shaped surfboards and skateboards and, by extension, modern skate culture; the one where No Doubt practiced and had their first house show; the one where the Sisters of the Valley, an order of secular nuns, grew weed; the garage of dominatrix Selina Minx; and the home of Franklin Bell’s Blues Workshop, held on Sundays in a one-car garage in Los Angeles."
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