Friday, June 08, 2018

Shepherds' huts, Chelsea Flower Show, and the future of sheds

An interesting piece by Alison Rowat in The Herald in which she looks at the rising popularity of sheds at Chelsea Flower Show and ponders on shedlike space in the future. Here's a snippet:
Isn’t it strange, though, that running alongside the fashion for sheds is the trend towards more open plan houses. Indoors, people want walls knocked down to make big family kitchens and “spaces” to hang out together. It’s all about the “flow”, as they say on the property programmes. People can rest, socialise, dine where they like.

Yet outdoors, everyone desires their own shed. They want to get the heck away from other people. Other people are noisy, messy. They don’t want to watch the programme you like. They talk when you want to read. All perfectly understandable feelings, but where will this desire to be alone eventually lead? In 20 years’ time every garden could look like a trailer park with a shed for mum, one for dad, one each for the children and two for granny and grandpa who like to spread out with their jigsaws.
 And here's Anne Ashworth in The Times on hipster sheds...

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