Friday, March 09, 2018

Garage garden office

Here's a workshop, garden office, and garage at a home in Cambridge designed by Ashworth Parkes. It also works as spare accommodation for visitors. Interestingly, it was a self-build put together by the client (an engineering consultant) with help from friends and family. Here's what the architects say about it:
The building is clad in a series of regular vertical oak portal frames that run continuously from one side to the other. They sit above the waterproofing and are supported only on the wall elements so that no penetrations through the roof are needed. The continuous cladding shrouds the gutter and gives the building a homogenous quality that gives no hint of the varied activities taking place within.  
The building also features an exposed steel frame and an exterior SIPs structure, oak sliding doors, concertina staircase, and mezzanine level for sleeping.

Photos: Michele Rossi

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