Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sheds at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 preview

Garden designs for the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show are starting to appear well ahead of the show at the end of May. As usual, here is our early rundown of the ones which at the moment have the most shedlike structures (all subject to change of course).

So above is our favourite so far the O-Mo-Te-Na-Shi No NIWA -The Japanese Hospitality Garden designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara which features an octagonal Azumaya garden house covered by traditional roof tiles made of baked Japanese soil.

This is the Welcome to Yorkshire Garden inspired by the Yorkshire Dales which includes a stone bothy. Designed by Mark Gregory

Above, The Morgan Stanley Garden for the NSPCC with a bespoke cedar wood pavilion and pool. Designed by the everpresent Chris Beardshaw 

Here's The Lemon Tree Trust Garden designed byTom Massey

And here's the very promising The Seedlip Garden which has a marvellously-named 'pea pavilion'.
Design by Dr Catherine MacDonald 

Finally, The CHERUB HIV Garden: A Life Without Walls with an intriguing white pod. According to the organisers: "The path from the pod through the garden represents a move to a life of more freedom, as well as the obstacles encountered." Designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen ------------------------------------
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