Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Installing a garden office-summerhouse with limited access

One regular issue we field here at Shedworking HQ is about garden size, prospective shedworkers concerned that their garden is too small (possible, but there are some very small models out there) or that access to their garden is too tricky.

Here's an example of what can be done, a 5.3m x 3m garden office room with a 1.2m wide storage to the right-hand side and triple bi-fold doors from eDEN Garden Rooms in Richmond, as the company's Mia Walmsley explains:

"The entire garden within which this project was to be built already had a full artificial lawn laid, plus an existing shed on the garden room site. So, the very first job for the eDEN Garden Rooms team was to remove the shed, and cut back the artificial turf, retaining it for the customer and ensuring that it was protected and kept in tip-top condition throughout the site build.

"As the customer’s property was terraced, all materials and equipment needed to be bought through the house into the garden, where the full construction took place. eDEN’s flexible two-method build approach, and use of non-invasive screw pile foundations, means that even when there isn’t side access at a property, we can still carefully bring everything through the house and complete the project with minimal disruption."

Interestingly, because the garden room covers the full width of the garden and is tight to the boundaries, eDEN used concrete panels on the side and back which cannot be seen but are entirely maintenance-free and weatherproof. Cedar panelling was over-clad to the fence-line to make it look pleasing. ---------------------------------------------------------
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