Monday, March 12, 2018

Multi-functional garden office

A 6.35 x 3.2m garden office in Whitstable from eDEN Garden Rooms on the site of an existing shed - the design brief was for a shedworking space plus storage for garden necessities.
"With the customer wanting to bring plenty of light into the workspace, the set of three doors, along with a floor-to-ceiling corner window, plus an additional window at the rear, do just that," says eDEN spokeswoman Mia Walmsley. "But further to this, to make the main door set work even harder to compliment the space, a triple track system was used, which gives this customer the fantastic benefit of having no stacking when the doors are open. A triple track system essentially gives you all the benefits of bi-fold doors, coupled with all the practicality of sliding doors, making ample use of space whether the doors are open or closed. As all of the doors move, this makes the room especially useful in summer, when the garden room will be used more frequently together with the outdoor space."

As well as all the prep work, design, and build, eDEN also looked after the landscaping including a curved light grey stone shingle path and trees to gently conceal the storage door.

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