Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Supercool: Shedworkers - How to go remote

Birmingham-based design consultancy Supercool has recently made the move from a 'traditional' workplace to a garden office. There is a nice post on their blog about why they ditched their old office, and another excellent one on how they chose to go remote and down the shedworking path (it also features a useful set of links and resources for remote teams).

What's particularly useful about the post is that it explains not only the thinking behind the move but also the practicalities, so if you're considering moving your company along similar lines, I'd strongly suggest you read it. Here's a snippet, number 5 on their list, 'Caust zero disruption to clients':
From the trial runs – which no clients noticed were happening; schmoooooooth! – to the timing of The Big Move (over the Christmas break), we made it a priority that this change wouldn’t affect clients. No delay in projects. No change to the way people contact us. No change in working hours. Nothing. Nowt. Nada. I’m really proud we succeeded in making a change that, although a big thing for each of us, hasn’t impacted our client work at all. Not negatively anyway – as I said, if anything we work better together now.
Well worth a browse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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