Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Richard Mitchelson: shedworker

A really nice interview by Ian Cleverly in cycling magazine Rouleur with animator, illustrator, and designer Richard Mitchelson (see below for one of his mug designs and his web page for lots more). Here's a snippet with Richard talking about his working life in his garden office (pictured above):
I either have music or podcasts, or videos or documentaries in the background. When you work on your own, you have to have something going on. I don’t want to listen to my own monologue all day – I’m boring enough as it is. I need something that’s going to fire me up and get me going.
In a small house, with two children, it works. I tried working in the house and it was impossible. I have been in the shed for almost a year and it has been brilliant. It is disconnected enough, even though it’s at the bottom of the garden. You step out of the house, and what the house represents. It is tiny – six feet by eight feet – but it’s enough. My desk, my computers, it’s warm. That is all I need.

Me and my Dad put a lot of work into it – insulation, electrics, other bits and bobs – and that makes me love it more than something that was just bought off the shelf. It’s my own space.

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