Monday, March 13, 2017

Living Huts

Every year we keenly spot the trends in the shedlike world and after a period when designs seemed to be getting smaller, they now seem to be getting a little bigger, perhaps the influence of the tiny house movement. So we were intrigued to see that Plankbridge, one of our favourite shepherds' huts suppliers, has now brought out a Living Huts range (as part of its Master Hutmakers' Collection) which are a little wider than a traditional hut and also "fitted with the means to prepare food and washing facilities".
"At 8’ or more wide and with its wheels set underneath its sides, the Living Hut allows us more room to play with and can even accommodate internal walls for the addition of a separate toilet or shower room," says Richard Lee from Plankbridge. "Much like shepherd’s huts, living vans, huts and wagons would have been commonplace in the English countryside during the early 20th century, the major difference being that most shepherd’s huts had a footprint of around 12’ by 6’6”, which we still honour today, while mobile accommodation spaces came in many shapes and sizes depending on its agricultural or industrial use."
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