Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why people hide in the garden office

New research by Shedstore.co.uk indicates that a fifth of people admit to hiding from their partners and children in the shed, with 1 in 7 spending at least 10 hours in there each week. More than a third describe it as their sanctuary.

Almost four in ten of all shedowners polled have turned their shed into a hobby or craft room, with woodwork and painting rooms the most popular usages, while nearly 10% work or run a business from their sheds and a similar figure used them simply to read, listen to the radio and watch television.

One in 20 admitted they often use their sheds to do things that their other halves wouldn’t approve of, such as drinking and smoking.

Shedstore.co.uk also asked shedowners how much they thought the contents of their sheds were worth. Around 17% have possessions worth at least £2,500 in their garden sheds and almost a third said put the figure at over £1,500. The overall average was £750. Only 4% said nothing had been stolen from their shed, although a fifth said they never locked it.

Tracey Hartwell, sales manager at Shedstore.co.uk, said: “The simple garden shed has evolved into something much more than a place to stockpile possessions and de-clutter the house. It’s become an extension of the house; a place to work, rest and play." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. The idea of a garden office is more tempting than a dirty garage workshop. It no surprise that so many people are attracted of spending their private time in a more comfortable way.

    Tom Swanson