Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tiny House of the Year

Sheds, beach huts, and treehouses all have one, and now tiny houses are getting in on the 'of the year' competition fun. The Tiny House of the Year 2016 is run by USA tiny house guru Michael Janzen (entry deadline end of October) and like other similar competitions has a range of categories - best front door, best bathroom, best stairs, best transforming furniture, best interior design, best exterior design, best kitchen, best ladder, best loft, best storage feature, best use of reclaimed materials -  as well as an overall winner. Pictured above is one of the early entrants, Tina & Luke's Basecamp Tiny House.

Click the link above for full details of how to enter, but essentially it's open to all adults who have a tiny house less than 500 square feet in size.

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