Monday, September 21, 2015

Home insurance for shedworkers

A new survey by Home Insurance shows that shedworkers and other people working from home are often failing to take into account the impact their work may have on their lease, mortgage agreement or home insurance.

The survey of 1,800 UK adults reveals that a third of people in Britain have tried to make money from their home including opening their home to pet boarding, renting a room to a short-term guest through sites such as Airbnb, and running a beauticians business.

The survey also found that:

* 26% have not considered that their activities might invalidate their home insurance

* 18% had not informed their home insurer about their venture

* 13% had not investigated whether they would need to be licenced to run their home business (e.g. health and safety, food hygiene)

* 11% have not received permission from their mortgage lender, landlord or housing association

Around 6% said they had made an insurance claim as a result of their home business activities and half that figure admitted that their home-based work had got them into trouble with their mortgage lender or landlord/housing association. Another 2% said that their insurer refused to cover them for the activity they wanted to pursue. has produced an interactive guide on how to 'earn from your home'  --------------------------------------------------------------------
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