Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Garden office security

Shedworkers will be interested to hear about the new Panasonic Smart Home system which is a convenient way to keep an eye on your shed office and all the equipment in it at the tap of an app. Features include:

* An outdoor camera (with built-in night-vision) which can be synched to a door sensor to automatically capture footage of anyone attempting to enter your garden office
* Smart plugs to allow you to turn lights and equipment on and off remotely, and even based on motion and sound triggers to deter thieves

* The outdoor camera can be placed on your front door to allow you to ‘answer’ it even when you are in your garden office - it allows for two-way communication so you can instruct delivery people to leave packages, or wait for you to reach the front door

The system runs over DECT ULE technology (not wifi) and claims to work with distances of up to 300m so is ideal for shedworkers.   ----------------------------------------------------
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