Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Shedworkers save more than £1,000 a year on travel treats

New research from American Express reveals that the average commuter spends more than £1,000 a year on treats for their journey to and from work. Drinks are the most popular purchase with commuters spending £16.93  a month on tea, coffee, juice and energy drinks. Snacks such as crisps, chocolate and fruit, are the second favourite (£16.49), followed by breakfast on the way to work (£13.44). Spending on newspapers and magazines (£12.83), books and ebooks (£12), music (£11.83) and apps and games (£11.48) are also on the shopping list to help make the trip into work less appalling.

The main reasons given by the 3,000 adults polled in the survey for indulging in a daily treat are a ‘stressful day at the office’ (29%) and ‘ to cheer me up’ (22%).

The research also reveals that spending habits vary significantly, with Londoners spending more than £1,900 a year on treats, closely followed by those in Birmingham (£1,758). Brighton’s commuters are the least likely to part with their cash for treats, spending £600 a year.  ----------------------------------------------------
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