Friday, June 19, 2015

The Shack

Designed by NĂ­all McLaughlin Architects on an old Northamptonshire WW2 reconnaissance air base which had been converted into a nuclear missile site and then abandoned, this is a studio for "photographing wildlife on the surface of an old bomb pond". Here's what the architects say about it:
"The design is intended to capture the different manifestations of light reflected, refracted and veiled as they enter the building. The form of the building makes many references to reconnaissance aircraft, camouflage and the complex history of the site. Locals call it the dragonfly. The building was constructed using a steel structure with a ply and fibreglass roof resting on rendered block walls. The external shade canopies are made from perforated, galvanised steel with stainless steel rods bracing them into the water. The building was made without working drawings from a series of 1:10 models placed in the middle of the site and then built around."

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