Thursday, June 04, 2015

Antique Boulton and Paul ‘Tudor’ style summerhouse for sale

Shedworking reader Neil McQuillan has written in with details about a renovation project he has just completed.
"This rarest and most sought style in the Boulton and Paul revolving summerhouse range has been professionally restored by the highly respected restoration carpenters ‘Mushroom of Farnham’. Since its recovery from a vicarage in Tunbridge it has undergone a full deconstructed restoration. All wood panels have had all old lead paint fully removed to bare wood. It has then been primed, undercoated and painted in Farrow and Ball paint. (Interior ‘Borrowed Light’ exterior ‘Cornforth White’).

"The doors and windows have also been stripped of all lead paint and primed, undercoated and painted with Farrow and Ball ‘All White’. All glazing has been removed and replaced with safety glass using putty in the traditional method. All hinges and catches are original with all screws replaced with new slot head screws that have been aged to look original. The original door lock is in place and now has two new keys. The turntable mechanism works perfectly; it has been greased and now sits on two inch thick oak boards. The old roofing felt has been removed and replaced.

"The measurements are 8.5ft across the front, 6.5ft across the side and 9ft high to the internal apex. The price of £12900.00 includes transportation and erection to anywhere in England and Wales. Delivery to Scotland would incur additional cost. A photographic account of all restoration undertaken will be made available to the purchaser. To view and discuss delivery etc. please contact"

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  1. I have just acquired a genuine Bolton and Paul turntable, and would like to build a summer house like this for it. Does anyone know of any detailed plans, or where I can measure a real live example?