Monday, June 01, 2015

Garden offices on the increase

Shedservatory Almost one in 20 of those who are planning a garden upgrade this year will build a garden office, according to figures from the latest report by

“A good garden building can help to increase living space without the hassle, cost and disruption of a traditional extension,” said said John Langley, Director JML Garden Rooms. “Families can use in so many different ways. Offices and art studios are popular, but they can also be used as a cinema, study space for teenagers, guest bedroom, or even a gym.”

The report also found that:
·people spend four to five hours a week in their outdoor spaces
·just over a third believe it is important to include garden features that attract wildlife
·a half plan to grow vegetable or other edibles in their garden
·Lavender is the most popular addition to a new garden, followed by roses and daffodils --------------------------------------------------------------------
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