Friday, December 20, 2013

Shepherds' Huts & Living Vans: book review

There aren't many books about shepherds' huts out there. In fact, this is the first I've come across that is entirely devoted to these lovely shedworkingesque atmospheres. And it's a corker.

Dave Morris - a hutter himeself - has done a cracking job with this book, Shepherds Huts & Living Vans (Amberley). The illustrations of both interiors and exteriors throughout are excellent, so those swooning over George Clarke's microarchitectural spaces on television these past few weeks will have something else to delight their senses.

But it's also a great read and is a comfortable size to hold in your hands. Dave looks at the history of shepherds' huts, featuring illuminated manuscripts from the 15th century in England, but also spreading his net wide to continental Europe, America, and the Middle East. Other chapters focus on how shepherds lived day-to-day in their huts, showmen's living vans, and how these huts have become popular again, including some practical restoration tips. Some of the suppliers mentioned in the text will be familiar to readers of Shedworking.

It's probably the last book about shedlike buildings to be published this year, and it's certainly my favourite. If you've time to nip out and get a copy before Christmas for a loved one, I can guarantee they'll love it. ----------------------------------------------------------
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