Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tiny House School launched in UK

Mark Burton from Custom Built Surrey is setting up what he calls 'Tiny School' , hoping that the rise of the Tiny House Movement in the USA which we've documented extensively here on Shedworking will be echoed in the UK.

"It has become apparent from search results and trends that a growing amount of people are looking into the possibilities of building their own Tiny House," he says. "But it's not easy to put their own ideas and designs into practice with little or no building experience in this field.

"Building a Tiny House may seem like a relatively straight forward procedure but even for experienced carpenters, the whole project may become more problematical when a chassis is to be used for the base and the overall weight and structure will determine if you succeed or fail."

So the idea of Mark’s 'Tiny School' is to give the general public the opportunity to design and build their own dream Tiny House. It includes hands-on tutorial covering all aspects of building your own Tiny House starting with the chassis and how to strengthen it, building the structure and roof to constructing the internal layout and space saving tips. Mark can also be personally commissioned to come to you and help build your Tiny House subject to availability and location. More details about it all here.

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  1. Even though it’s tiny I am sure it would be looks great. Even I would love to learn somewhere like this.

  2. Jim Sewell10:58 PM

    Keep up the great work Mark !