Friday, November 09, 2012

Shed-based beer book project looking for backers

Beerlab is a project combining two fine elements of our culture being financed on the increasingly popular kickstarter platform. Here's what they say about it:
Beerlab is a mildly irreverent exploration of homebrewing in an open source manner. Run by two guys from South Yorkshire (Kit Challis @kitchallis and Scott Beddow) and based in Sheffield - a beer mecca; it’s a year-long project to write a how-to book for the would-be homebrewer and open source tinkerer. We’ll be perfecting recipes, trying out different hops and yeasts, hacking together hardware and software to aid the brewing, fermenting and serving process, and sharing every experience, warts and all, with you. Whether you’re a novice tinkerer, brewer or both, the beerlab book will feature fun projects and builds to help you combine hacking with brewing. Each week we'll keep you updated on progress, post the recipes and tasting notes so you can suggest improvements.
More details about it and how you can help fund it a bit here.
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