Monday, November 26, 2012

Entire workforce of 1 in 7 SMEs will soon be working from home

A business revolution will change the landscape for small and medium enterprises over the next 50 years, according to new research from insurer Zurich.

The challenges facing SMEs over the next five decades - from a massive increase in homeworking to driverless commercial fleets - will mean radical change to the way they operate and manage risk. Findings of the Zurich research include:
*One in seven say their entire workforce will be working from home in 2062
* 60% say artificial intelligence will eventually become our trusted workplace advisors in 50 years
* Half of SMEs say robotics will play a critical role in SMEs delivering services in 2062

The research found that over half (54%) of SMEs believe the high street as we currently know it will transform in just eight years, being replaced by a ‘virtual high street' online. 70% believe traditional high street SMEs must radically change their customer experience to compete with online purchasing in 2020. One in seven SMEs predict the whole workforce will be working from home in the future, compared to only 27% of the SME workforce that is working from home today. Subsequently, over half (53%) of SMEs say that by 2062 people will no longer commute to work.

Despite this, 37% believe that having their employees working from home will have a significant impact on their organisation, of which 16% go so far as to say the very nature of their business will completely change in 50 years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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