Monday, August 06, 2012

Cobwood garden rooms

Suffolk-based earthmoves design is run by landscape designers Neil and Emi-Lou Lankford who also specialise in building 'cobwood' roundhouses and garden rooms, circular buildings with green roofs that are ideal for shedworking.

You can read about the building of one at Jimmy’s Farm (home of The Essex Pig Company) on Neil's blog, a 5m diameter model made with oak and sweet chestnut coppiced by Neil at the woods on the farm. Here's an explanatory snippet: 
"The roof frame supports itself without the need for a central post to hold it up as each inward facing beam rests on the previous one with the last one tucked under the first one but on top of the previous one – keeping the whole structure up in the air. A mixture of wild meadow perennials and cornfield annuals will be planted on the roof. The gaps between the henge frame are filled in with ‘Cobwood’ – short lengths of logs bedded together with ‘Cob’ – soil mixed with water, hay and a bit of lime. Also there will be a mixture of leaded glass windows and large Perspex viewing panes."
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  1. This is just magical. This shed seems like a real dream. You can tell a landscape gardener has created this!

  2. Anonymous1:50 AM