Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bletchley Park Hut 11a fundraising launch

Bletchley Park is in a race against time to find funding to restore Hut 11A alongside the other, Lottery funded, building works, ready for Bletchley Park’s re-launch in 2014.

Their plan is to restore the hut - a single storey rectangular brick building with corrugated roof - as a location for a redeveloped interpretation of the reconstructed Bombe machine and its relationship to Enigma in the decryption process - the cost of restoring Hut 11a is £250,000.

Hut 11A was part of the Hut 11 complex which housed the Bombe Section which was responsible for the management, development and maintenance of the Bombe decoding machine developed to break Enigma Codes. It was built between October 1941 and Feburary 1942 and by late 1942 Hut 11A was adapted as a control and communications centre. In 1946 Hut 11A together with Hut 11 were used as carpenters' workshops and stores by the Ministry of Works. After 1992, when the hut was obtained by the Bletchley Park Trust, it was in use as the club room of the Milton Keynes Model Railway Club. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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