Thursday, October 19, 2006

Homeworking on the front cover

The cover story of the new issue of Computing Business focuses on the best ways of making your shedworking and homeworking a happy experience. It also includes a case study of how the AA is making the most of homeworking, the HR perspective at BT, and a psychologist's view of the whole industry. There's nothing earthshatteringly new, though for those thinking of taking the homeworking plunge it's a nice introduction. I was interested however by these comments:

"Although people work from home, the AA tries to pick groups of people in one area, so that they can meet up for meetings and to socialise."

"However, the AA has learned that the kind of work people want to do at home differs from in a call centre. The company mistakenly thought that it would make sense to give home workers the simpler tasks to perform, but experience has proven otherwise. ‘The natural reaction is to make it as simple as possible, but the opposite is true. Emergency breakdown is straightforward, but what they wanted was a variety of calls, so we have given them administration and membership enquiries,’ says Martin Sawkins, HR director at the AA."

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