Monday, October 23, 2006

Homeworking lures over-50s

There’s an interesting article about babyboomer homeworking by Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation in the newly relaunched Active Life magazine for the over-50s. As well as looking at this important growing trend, it also includes slightly unusual details of shedworking as the excerpt below shows:

Nick Hopewell-Smith, chairman of Henley Offices, a leading supplier of garden buildings, says the company has many customers over 50. “We have semi-retired people who need an office, whose spouses will never sanction their work cluttering up the house. This includes people with hobbies, and we have people who use their Henleys as studios for all kinds of arts and crafts that they take up in retirement.

“One of my favourite Henley office applications is the retired CEO of one of Britain's biggest companies, who has one of our buildings in the garden of his holiday home in Cornwall. He and his wife were fed up with having friends to stay who, because they were always in the middle of business deals and crises of one kind or another, inadvertently ruined the holiday break for everyone else with their mobiles, laptops, faxes and suchlike. Broadband, fax and computer equipped, their 'holiday home Henley' is primarily for the use of guests, who are obliged to use it for their work before rejoining the group in the main house. Typically Henley customers buy our buildings because they need peace and quiet away from the every day distractions of their home environment. In this case, those using the home are seeking peace and quiet from the disruptions of business.”

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