Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Third Space etiquette

Following the post earlier this month about Third Space working, USA Today has a jolly article about etiquette for this kind of teleworking in caf├ęs. They suggest:

* Tip big and eat often. Think of those hourly lattes or scones as rent for your table, payment of which is critical for the survival of any business welcoming busy squatters.
* Take it outside. Keep cellphones and PDAs on vibrate, and when they do buzz, head straight for the door.
* Don’t be a hog. It’s fine to keep your things piled on a table when you step out for a breath of fresh air, but not if you plan to be away a while.
* Careful who you trust. Because thieves and hackers work fast, take important hardware and documents with you for anything but a quick run to the sugar-and-napkin station.
* Keep your eyes to yourself. Resist the temptation to sneak a look at neighboring laptops with this crowd, it’s considered as egregious as stealing company secrets.
* Cords get right of way. All electrical outlets are fair game, so expect to accommodate the odd power chord as it snakes past your dominion.
* Look for the high sign. Even though mere inches can separate you from a fellow teleworker, realize that only when both parties issue a mutual greeting is it OK to invade those invisible offices.

I'd include a link to the original article but it takes about an hour to open.

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